juan lennon (dead_boy77) wrote in mexi_punx,
juan lennon

hello putos

well i dont post on this much, i figured it was my mexican duty to do so once more. But enough of that, im here on more important matters. if you live in the san diego area, check out los mockers on the oh so damn fuckin popular myspace. is there nowhere the internet can take us? http://www.myspace.com/losmockers

so what are los mockers you say? this is my creation composed of 3 white boys and me. although derek is 1/4 mexican, he still looks pretty white. we are currently recording so expect a demo soon. and as far as our music goes...its highly inspired by the feel good tunes of the 1960s, and the teenage garage bands from the time. so dont be shy, we may not have mohawks, or studded leather, but weve all been down that path. now we want to play some good fucking music. take a gander. drop a line. check us out.
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